Document Management

At one time, there wasn’t a suitable phrase for “Keeping all of a businesses stuff together.”  Sure, ‘File Cabinet’ worked but as soon as personal computers hit the office, a typical business’s information went EVERYWHERE.

Today, accessing, storing and managing business documents has a name:  Document Management.  Midwest Office Automations is Omaha’s resource for all-things “DM” too.

It makes sense that MOA has developed such expertise in DM.  Copiers, printers, fax machines (yes, they still serve a function) and cloud-based computing systems require technical know-how to ensure easy, efficient access.  To this end, MOA has become Omaha’s provider of Square 9 management software.

“Square 9” puts total document management control into the hands of its owner.  And that ‘owner’ doesn’t have to be a huge company!  Even small firms of two, three people can put Square 9 to work efficiently and affordably.  In fact, MOA is ready to provide any business a quick, no-cost, no-obligation demo.  Square 9 works like a charm and once you see how much time, energy and money can be saved, chances are good you’ll be charmed, too!

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